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Suggested System Environment

Technical Requirements
1. What are the PC requirements for running XCPT?
• PC Computer, Running Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 or later
• 3 GHz Pentium
• 512 MB RAM
• At least 1 Gigabyte of available Hard Drive free space
• The XCPT software

2. Can XCPT be run on my network?

3. Is a server necessary to network XCPT?
Yes, XCPT data can be shared using Windows file sharing.

4. I have shared my treatment plan folders throughout my office and can treatment plan from different rooms. How do I make sure my patient's files stay synchronized?
The contents of patient folders can be synchronized with the XCPT sync tool. Patient files are synchronized on a 'time of save' basis, only newer files are copied to the target. The sync will also allow you to synchronize the data to an external hard drive or USB jump drive.

5. I have an Apple computer. Will XCPT work for me?
Yes, XCPT will run on newer Intel based Apple computers using the Parallels software.

6. How much data storage will XCPT need?
Treatment plans on 10 patients per day over one month would amount to about 500 MB per month.

7. Does XCPT compensate for the distortion level in radiographs?
Yes, XCPT can be calibrated to compensate for distortion.

Using XCPT
1. How do I bring my images into XCPT?
Images can be brought in using the XCPT Browser. Once a patient folder is created, images can be imported from a scanner, camera, or file. Copies or screen captures can also be pasted onto an XCPT treatment plan.

2. Once my images are in the XCPT program, what tools are available to begin treatment planning?
Common tasks are cropping the image, placing a patient label, and numbering teeth. XCPT supports the drawing of all common image annotations.

3. How do I save my treatment plans?
Treatment plans can be saved simply by clicking on the Save toolbar button.

4. Is XCPT a surgical guide?
No, however, reviewing your XCPT treatment plan before or even during surgery is very beneficial.

5. Can I treatment plan on my X-rays even if I'm not digital?
Yes, analog X-rays can be digitized by using a scanner or using digital camera to photograph the X-ray on a view box.

6. Can I treatment plan on CT Scans?
Yes. CT scans can be screen captured and imported into XCPT.

7. What types of photographs can I bring into XCPT?
Any digital photograph can be imported into XCPT.

8. Can XCPT create surgical documents or treatment notes?
Yes, XCPT has text tools that can be used to create surgical or treatment notes.

9. Can documents be saved as templates?
Yes, any XCPT file can be saved a template.

10. How is XCPT different from other software?
XCPT can be used with any type of image. It allows doctors and their staff to plan using the patients own X-rays or photographs. XCPT is the simplest method for creating highly visual and effective presentations. There is no better way to educate patients than by showing them what treatment you can provide right on their own images.

11. Can XCPT treatment plans be given to insurance companies?
Yes, XCPT treatment plans can be printed and mailed or attached electronically to insurance claims. Our customers find that in doing so, they are asked few or no questions from insurance companies.

1. How can I purchase the XCPT program?
Visit our website at to purchase XCPT software.

2. Is an XCPT license key transferable if I sell my practice?
Yes. Actually, having XCPT in your practice will make your practice more marketable because it can be used by the doctor that takes over your practice.

1. How much training is involved in order to learn this program?
It seems complicated at first but we are there every step of the way to train you and your staff. Our trainers normally do a web based training session lasting 20-30 minutes It will get you and your staff working in front of patients as soon as possible. We make it easy!

2. Does XCPT have tutorials?

3. Is there support documentation available?
• QuickStart Guide
• Quick Reference Guide

1. How do I email images with XCPT?
XCPT can email treatment plans using the XCPT browser. If contact information is available from the Address Book it will be used to generate an email for the receiver. The only requirement is that you have an Outlook Express account set up.

2. Will XCPT work with other programs for emailing besides Outlook Express?
Yes, XCPT files can be attached to any Email client.

3. Can I email treatment plans to others even if they don't have the XCPT program?
Yes, XCPT files can be emailed as .jpg files and can be viewed without needing the XCPT application.

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